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Convenience Stores

We aim to deliver the highest quality convenience store offer to all of our customers. Lowes bp offer an exclusive range of convenience products, as well as food and car wash in selected sites. Find a regional service station near you. Read More »


Lowes Petroleum is your local bp bulk fuel and Castrol lubricants provider with a network of Lowes bp Service Station, OPT and Depot locations throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

Our local Lowes Depots supply our wholesale customers with bulk fuel and lubricants solutions, delivered directly to their site. Find a local Lowes bp Depot near you »

Retail Branding

Retail branding is an essential part to promoting and driving customers through your site. We can offer a complete retail fit-out, customised to the requirements that each site may bring. Read More »

bp+ Fuel Card

bp+ recognises that every Australian business is different and one solution rarely fits all.
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The requirement for AdBlue is becoming more prevalent, with a rapid increase in new-model diesel vehicles that have a selective catalytic reduction system. Read More »