We're Covid Safe

Covid-19 – Important Updates

7th December 2020

As of Monday 7th December, our Lowes Petroleum Service Stations are required by State Law to allow 1 person per 2sqm where onsite dining is available to customers. This was previously 1 person per 4sqm.

We continue to request our patrons to sign into our COVID-19 Contract Tracing (via our QR Code is the Lowes Petroleum Service preferred method) to maintain our records and continue our COVID Safe Business Plan.

LOWES ServoClean

9th October 2020

As of 8th October 2020, our Blackall Service Station has now resumed on-site dine in services. To comply with continuing COVID-19 restrictions, our tables will remain socially distanced at 1.5 meters apart until further notice.

We continue to request our patrons to sign in to our COVID-19 Contact Tracing (either digitally or hard copy) to maintain our records and continue our COVID Safe Business Plan.

25th July 2020

Lowes Petroleum Service is proud to announce the introduction of a QR Code check in requirement for all our Service Stations that offer dine in and coffee bar services. This check in point is designed to help keep our customers and staff safe by recording details of patrons to assist with any COVID-19 Contact Tracing should a case arise. All details are captured electronically to keep data safe and secure, and complies with the relevant State Government regulations with how long this information is kept. Thank you to all our customers and staff for their compliance with our new feature.

20th July 2020

The safety and well-being of our staff, customers and visitors remains our highest priority and we want to minimise the exposure and risk to the COVID-19 virus while also fulfilling our obligations to the community as a provider of essential goods and services. With the recent second wave of infections in Victoria and pockets of Sydney, Lowes Petroleum is continuing to monitor and heed the advice from Federal and State Governments and their qualified medical officials and will implement this advice into our daily business operations.

Melbourne/Mitchell Shire – Stage 3 Lockdown

  • Melbourne & the Mitchell Shire have now returned to stage 3 restrictions for the next 6 weeks. As such following the government directive: no Lowes Petroleum Service Saff will be permitted to travel into or out of these areas unless it is to complete an essential service in line with the guidelines.
  • Staff within the affected region will continue to work from home where possible or practice office social distancing with restricted access to depots.
  • Face Masks have been provided to staff as the advice in Melbourne now includes the wearing of masks.

Social Distancing

All Lowes Staff will continue to practice social distancing at all times, this means:

  • Not shaking hands with others;
  • Not exchanging physical greetings;
  • Where possible, staying 1.5m away from others; and
  • Maintaining installed distancing barriers such as Perspex screens
  • Continue to meet customers and suppliers in a safe manner – via phone or “E-Meet” .

 Working Arrangements

We are constantly reviewing our workplace procedures to be in line with COVDSafe Australia and State Government legislation and recommendations.

 Cleaning Protocols

We continue to follow the additional cleaning protocols that were rolled out across our Retail sites, Depots, Trucks and offices.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to our Customers and Staff for their continued commitment to proactively adapting to this complex situation, all while ensuring the safety of those around them.

16th May 2020

As per recent government advice, our Retail Sites dining areas can now hold up to 10 patrons, and the following restrictions in our dining areas must be adhered to:

  • The 4 square metre rules still apply
  • Customers who are not members of the same household must exercise 1.5m in physical distancing
  • All tables and chairs are cleaned and sanitised after any use and otherwise at least hourly
  • Limited customer self-service to cutlery, crockery, complimentary water glasses and straws (where possible).

1st April 2020

Recent regulation changes means that our dining areas for truck drivers are open again in our Bellata & Blackall sites!

Bellata & Blackall Truckstop Dining COVID-19

Our shower facilities remain open with increased cleaning and sanitation to remain compliant with COVID-19 requirements.

Without trucks, Australia stops.  Thank you to all our truckies for keeping things moving!

24 March 2020

Caring for our People, Customers and the Community

The safety and well-being of our people, customers and visitors is our highest priority and we want to minimise the exposure and risk to the COVID-19 virus, whilst also fulfilling our obligations to the community as a provider of essential goods and services.  We are continuing to monitor and heed the advice of the Australian Government and their qualified medical officials on a daily basis and implement this into our daily business operations, appropriately.

What measures have we taken at our Retail and Depot locations to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19 to our community?

  • Increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitisation of our sites, ensuring our people are washing their hands regularly, wiping fuel pump and dispenser handles with disinfectant and making paper towels available
  • Providing customers with clean and sanitised hand washing facilities where possible
  • Providing hand sanitizer for our customers where possible
  • Suspended the use of reusable cups for coffee/tea
  • Temporarily closure of all café seating areas and only offering food to go (takeaway)

How Can you Help?

  • Follow social distancing guidelines and keep at least 1.5m distance from others
  • Use contactless forms of payment such as Tap N Go in store or BPme (an app that allows you to pay for fuel from your vehicle) to minimise contact
  • Utilise restroom hand washing facilities inside before browsing our store
  • Utilise paper towels available when holding the pump to dispense fuel

Will there be any impact to Supply?

As Lowes Petroleum’s supply and maintenance of fuel is an essential community service, we  do not anticipate any impact on our ability to meet domestic supply to our consumers and will continue to manage this with our major supply partners across the Fuel & Lubricants Distribution and Retail business.

We will continue to keep our people and customers updated should anything change.