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Lowes Lubricant Survey can protect your equipment, save you time and money.

“Lowes can conduct a lubricant survey on your equipment to ensure we are providing you with the correct lubricant specifications. We can add value to your business by ensuring the longevity of your equipment…often reducing the number of products you’re purchasing in the long run.”   James Riley, Lowes Lubricants Expert

Lowes Petroleum stocks a complete range of quality Lubricants in bp, Castrol, Mobil and Prolube Lubricants. 

We offer the One-Stop-Shop Solution for all market segments: Automotive, Commercial, Industrial, Agriculture, Marine, Mining and Aviation applications.

If there is a particular product that you require, chat to your local Lowes Depot Team. We’ve got years of industry experience and knowledge that can help you source the right product.

Lowes has an extensive network of local regional and country depots throughout New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania. You can phone ahead and pick-up, drop-in, or get your order delivered by our company-owned and operated fleet. Our vehicles offer delivery and pump over services. They are manned by specialist staff who have an extensive local knowledge and understanding of handling lubricants.

NB: Fleet operates mainland. Tasmanian delivery is via third party transport.

Lubrication Services

At Lowes Petroleum, we have experienced Lubrication Engineers that can work with you to understand your equipment-particular lubricants needs and recommend a program to meet your specific goals and objectives.

The program is designed to help you maximise the benefits of our products and technical services. We can provide a customised program for your usage. Working with you to analyse, plan and implement a proactive approach to improve equipment lubrication and ongoing maintenance.

Your local Lowes Team can help you uncover the benefits or a planned lubricants program for your business, like:

  • extended equipment overhaul
  • less unscheduled equipment downtime
  • less energy consumption
  • fewer replacement parts
  • reduced purchasing costs
  • less lubricant consumption and waste
  • more effective maintenance control
  • safe and effective operation processes

Used Oil Analysis Program

We firmly believe that lubrication is more than just the supply of lubricants as commodity products. We utilise oil analysis programs to ensure reliable results that help guide maintenance professionals to the best decisions for their operators.

A successful oil analysis program can:

  • ensure equipment reliability
  • reduce maintenance costs
  • lower the total lifetime cost of equipment ownership
Lowes Castrol fleet



bp is a trusted global brand when it comes to lubricants and greases. They offer a comprehensive range of high quality products that our customers can rely on at a competitive price.

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Castrol distributor

Castrol is the world leading manufacturer, distributor and marketer of premium lubricating oils, greases and related services to automotive, industrial, marine, aviation, oil exploration and production customers across the world.

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All over the world, Mobil lubricants are known for performance, innovation, and expertise. Mobil is recognized for advanced technology, resulting in Mobil products being trusted by original equipment manufacturers worldwide. For years, our customers have come to respect the performance of Mobil-branded products and services for their personal and business needs.

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Prolube Lubricants uses a revolutionary in-line blending system that is widely recognised throughout the world as the most environmentally satisfactory method of blending quality lubricants. Prolube’s manufacturing process uses high quality hydro treated Group 2, Group 3 and fully synthetic base oils with the latest technology in additive chemistry and blends them to produce lubricants meeting the upper limits of the relevant specification range. We have access to international technological support including advice and development of new specifications and products.

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Oil Storage & Handling Audits

Lowes Petroleum conduct oil storage and handling audits to our customers to ensure the highest standards of oil storage and handling are being implemented and maintained. This will ensure compliance with all OH&S requirements and identify any equipment requirements.