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Bulk Fuels and Lubes

Capital Expenditure Write-Off

Lowes Petroleum Service is a major petroleum wholesaler delivering BP fuel throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, making us one of Australia’s largest distributors. Click HERE to contact your local Lowes Petroleum Sales Manager today and ask about your bulk fuel and lubricants requirements.

 CASTROL BP    Show that we sell BP Ultimate Diesel    

We provide consistent, competitive pricing solutions for petroleum and lubes: delivered to site or  supplied via our network of Local Depots; Lowes BP Service Stations and 24 hour OPT (unmanned) sites. Our BP products include :

  • BP Ultimate Diesel
  • BP Diesel
  • Bio Diesel (upon request)
  • BP Premium Unleaded Fuel
  • E10
  • Castrol Oils and Lubes
  • BP Lubes

NB Bio Diesel and Ultimate Diesel not available at all service station and 24hr OPT sites.

Agile Logistics with a depth of Capability

Lowes Petroleum continues to invest heavily in its own delivery fleet and capability to ensure agile and quick response to our customer’s needs . We can provide a high degree of flexibility in delivery scheduling to accommodate on-site delivery challenges, whether they are ongoing or a one off emergency situation.

Our truck fleet consists of semi-trailers, B-doubles and AB-triple combinations providing direct deliveries to customer, and a cost efficient method of supply. Our network of depot locations utilise a fleet of multi-drop capable vehicles consisting of rigid trucks or truck and dog combinations. We can vary the carrying capacity to suit the load and location variables.