You’re in the right place to confirm your BP Plus App administrator details


You asked for the BP Plus App and we could see how important it would be in this COVID?19 environment. So, our Lowes Card Team worked double time with the BP Team to get it running, and we are excited to announce it is ready.

The next step in setting it up for your fleet card holders requires your involvement.

As the current key administrator on your Fleet Account you have the control to turn access to the BP Plus App on for your cardholders. Should you wish to activate this app for yourself, some, or all your card holders, as the key administrator, you’ll be the one to allow access and it’s simple.

Just complete the details below to confirm the key person to administrate the BP Plus App Once this is processed in the Lowes BP system, you’ll be the key administrator for the BP Plus App and receive notifications. Then you can start to approve activation requests from your cardholders.

Here’s the four easy steps:

Step 1: Decide whether you want to offer the BP Plus App to your cardholders.

Step 2: Complete the form on the Lowes landing page

Step 3: Send out the great news that the BP Plus App is now available. We’ve written a short paragraph below that you might like to copy and paste to save you time. NB Pink text are instructions and do not need to be copied and pasted. You need to be replace or remove this text.

Hi _insert name_ ,

Lowes BP have just advised that the BP Plus App for your smart phone is now here. Once downloaded it will allow you to pay for your fuel in the car, without the need to swipe in store. Especially in this COVID-19 environment we would encourage all our cardholders to download the App and utilise this service. Here’s the link to get you started ( ). We suggest you download the App prior to fuelling up as the request will need to be approved through administration prior to you be able to use it.

Here are some FAQs that Lowes BP have put together for our reference. (Copy or scan side 2 of this letter for the FAQ’s)

If there are any other questions, please email Lowes Card Team on

STEP 4: Activate the requests as they come through.

Please update your account details here:

Here are a few FAQs:

Setting up the BP Plus App

Q. How many BP Plus cards can I register to my Lowes BP Plus App account?
A. You can register multiple BP Plus cards to your BP Plus App account. Each new card added will need to be approved by your fleet manager.

Q. Can a BP Plus card that is shared between different drivers be added to multiple Lowes BP Plus App accounts?
A. Yes. If you share a BP Plus card with another driver you can both add this card to each of your BP Plus App accounts.

Q. I am waiting for my new Lowes BP Plus card because my previous had expired. Am I still able to use the BP Plus App?
A. Yes. If the expired card was re?issued with a new expiry date. The BP Plus App will recognise this and allow you to continue purchasing using the App.

Q. Can I collect BP Rewards points with the BP Plus App?
A. BP Rewards program is not available to users of the BP Plus App and BP Rewards points cannot be earned via the BP Plus App.

Q. Can I still use my physical Lowes BP Plus card if it is linked to the BP Plus App?
A. Yes, you can use both methods of payment. It is advised that you keep an alternate form of payment.

Using the BP Plus App

Q. Will I be asked to enter an odometer reading or card prompts when I make a transaction?
A. Yes. Depending on your Lowes BP Plus card, you may need to enter an odometer reading along with any applicable card prompts.

Q. Does the BP Plus App mirror allowable product on my Lowes BP Plus card?
A. Yes, the App will only allow you to pick the fuel grades that are permitted on that fuel card. In the event you complete a transaction outside the agreed limits, your fuel card will be automatically removed.

Q. Can I get a paper receipt if I pay in car with the BP Plus App?
A. No. You will receive a digital receipt in the BP Plus App You can also access your transaction history from within the App and have your receipts emailed to you at any time.

Q. Can I pay for in?store items using the BP Plus App?
A. No. The BP Plus App currently only allows for the payment of fuel. If you wish to purchase any other products, you will need to pay for these in store with cash or a personal debit/credit card.


Q. Do I need access to the internet to Pay in Car?
A. Yes. To use the BP Plus App, you must have an internet enabled eligible mobile device which is connected to the internet and uses a software version that supports the BP Plus App

Q. Will the BP Plus App use mobile data?
A. Yes, location services must be activated for you to pay in your car using the BP Plus App Costs depend on phone plans.

Q. Are you tracking me?
A. Location services will only be used whilst you are using the BP Plus App This is used to find your site location when using Pay for Fuel or Find a BP service.