Lowes bpplus card

lowes bp+ fuel card

Lowes bpplus Fuel Card has $0 monthly fees* and you can manage your fleet from your phone via the bpplus app. Apply for a bpplus fuel card or a bp aviation card today in 2 easy steps.


You need a Lowes Petroleum Service account before you apply for a card. If you don’t have an account, you can apply here:



*$0 monthly fees applies to the Lowes bpplus card only.

Lowes bp+ Fuel Card recognises that every Australian business is different and one solution rarely fits all. That’s why we offer a range of options you can use to tailor BP Plus to your business’ unique requirements.


You will have access to the dedicated Card Services Team located in regional NSW:



We recognise that card security is a priority for all customers and Lowes bp+ offers a range of security options for customers to choose from. These include:

  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) – the preferred security measure, PINs are used for all cards.
  • Odometer readings – when selected, cardholders will be prompted to supply odometer readings to the console operator at time of purchase. The use of odometer readings provides additional tracking measures for the organisation.
  • Purchase limits – can also be nominated on individual cards and will restrict purchases by time, volume or dollars.

Lowes bp+ Card Replacement/Updates

If you have lost or damaged an existing Lowes bp+ Fuel Card, or need to update any card account information, please click here to download the Card Maintenance Form. Please read the Card’s Terms and Conditions here »

Lowes Petroleum Card Terms & Conditions

Read the Card’s Terms and Conditions here »