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We keep regional Australia pumpin’

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We help keep regional Australia pumpin’.

We’re locals! Lowes Petroleum has been leading the way in fuel and lubricant distribution since 1977.

Lowes Petroleum has come a long way since its humble beginnings with one truck and one driver in small regional town of Boggabilla, NSW in 1977. Partnering with BP in a long-term joint venture in 2015, we have expanded our fleet and our distribution network throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

As Lowes’ Locals, we pride ourselves on local people who are consistently providing quality products in better ways. Working with customers to find more effective solutions for our customer’s ever-changing needs.

With extensive local experience in rural and regional Australia, Lowes Petroleum is able to have the fuel and lubricants you need when and whenyou need them the most. We offer local service through our network of bulk fuel and lubricant depots, delivery vehicles and retail service stations delivered by a team of people who understand the local communities in which we operate.

We have a broad base of customers from the primary producer, industrial, mining, transport and retail sectors. Each year we sell and deliver over 1 billion litres of petroleum products to the regional and rural parts of Australia.

Our service station shops offer a range of convenience retail products as well as food and car washes in selected sites.

We are always seeking ways to provide total business solutions to our customers. We provide a range of fuel and lubricant storage and dispensing solutions, such as our On-Site Refuelling fuel delivery service. With such a large network of service stations and unmanned locations (24 hour refuelling), the BP card network is expanding, and we’ve taken up new card technology with superior reliability, broader access and easier to use equipment.

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