Lowes Petroleum Service – locals serving locals

Born in the heart of regional Australia, Lowes Petroleum Service is a trusted local. A joint venture between bp Australia and Lowes Petroleum Service: our reputation as a trusted fuel supplier and transporter in regional Australia continues to grow. Every day, more and more companies turn to us because of our vast experience in the storage and transportation of fuel and lubricant products to regional and remote areas in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

The communities relying on us are as varied as the roads we travel – from farmers and contractors, other agricultural producers, rural and livestock transport companies to marine, aviation and tourism operators, remote councils and local businesses. We understand the needs of regional Australia and work hand-in-hand with our communities providing solutions-based, reliable fuel and energy delivery.

Lowes bp make things happen in regional Australia.

Why choose Lowes?

Because you like the benefits of keeping it local. Local service stations, local depots and local people.

Because you’ve got better things to do than worry about fuel and lubricant deliveries.

Because you want better fuel and lubricant supply solutions.

Because you want a fuel card option with no transaction fees.

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